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Faculty of Medicine in Torreón Elects New Alumni Society

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Despite the current circumstances due to the Covid-19 health contingency, our President Salvador Hernández Vélez highlighted the triumph of democracy during the appointment ceremony of the new alumni society of the Faculty of Medicine of the Torreón Regional Campus.


He added that this process has been the first virtually performed at the student level in the history of our institution after all, "it is historical to have carried them out remotely, since the same students chose their representatives for their own Benefit."

The ceremony held in the hall of the campus auditorium with all the measures of care and healthy distance. Hernández Vélez said that every appointment ceremony at the university is important, because it reinforces the commitment to work for the university community.

The student election at the Medicine Faculty in Torreón was last June 11 with a vote of 79 percent of the students; two student bodies took part and “SINAPSIS” won with 51 percent of the votes in favor (219).

It should be noted that as part of the process, there was a third option proposed: “New elections” that obtained seven percent of the student votes.

Therefore, the rector Hernández Vélez emphasized that the current changes are irreversible and must be dealt with. He expressed his support for the students to promote the academic processes that allow progress in current conditions.

The New Alumni Society is formed by the Vice President Isaac Miramontes Espino, Treasurer Mariana Martínez Díaz, and President Richard Salama Frisbie, who stated that the participation of the community in this intense electoral process was exemplary, adapting to the current situation through the use of technology.

The Vice President of the Torreón Regional Campus, Sandra López Chavarría and the Director of Facultad de Medicina, Torreón, Salvador Chavarría Vázquez assembled the Presidium.

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