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UAdeC Continues Collaborating with Actions for COVID-19 Pandemic in Torreón


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Dr. Salvador Chavarría Vázquez, Director of Torreón University Hospitals and our Faculty of Medicine, reported that after meeting the Laguna Health subcommittee with Roberto Bernal Gómez, Coahuila Secretary of Health in conjunction with all the hospitals of the region, SS, IMSS, ISSSTE, Magisterio and University ones, they addressed the issue of saturation of beds and made some agreements.


Among the actions, Chavarría Vázquez mentioned that UAdeC through the University Hospital of Torreón, will make their 63 beds available to OB-GYN patients sent from the Health Ministry General Hospital, in addition to agreeing the Magisterio Hospital will become a Covid-19 Care Center.

"We are following President Salvador Hernández Vélez directions, and we are ready to help with these actions and we are able to care for OB-GYN patients to aid the General Hospital meet the needs of the pandemic caring for Covid-19 patients," he said.

The main purpose is taking decisions that help face this situation assisting patients who require critical care due to the high incidence of contagion in the neighboring area of Torreón, Gómez Palacio, Lerdo, Nazas, Tlahualilo, San Pedro, Francisco I. Madero and Matamoros.

He also said that the Covid-19 Drive Thru Sampling Center is still operating in the Medical School parking lot in coordination with the State Ministry of Health. Operations began on March 31 and to this date has tripled care for patients who are uncertain whether they got infected because they were exposed or lived with someone who tested positive for the disease.

Dr. Salvador Chavarría stated that asymptomatic people´s chances of spreading the disease are very low. Nevertheless, infection from contact with symptomatic patients is much more probable, since there is a lot of viral infection. Yet people are being tested because they are not sure if they have the disease and want to avoid any contagion to family members or people of high morbidity, as older adults, people suffering hypertension, diabetes, metabolic diseases or asthma, and other chronic illnesses.

UAdeC Torreón sampling center serves patients by appointment calling (871) 747 00 05, convenient schedules are selected and samples are taken inside their own vehicle.

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